5 Answers. It’s also known as: cling film, plastic wrap, food wrap, cling wrap and monstercat. You guessed it: white. soap. Kitchen Appliances and Gadgets | Kitchen Vocabulary Image, Kitchen Utensils in English | Kitchenware Image. Explore the English vocabulary of The Kitchen in this sound integrated guide. Have you noticed that some restaurants don’t have a clear system for their salt shakers/pepperpots? No matter where you are from in world, or what language you speak, one thing that will bring people together is food. They cut through a potato as if it were butter. Well — it’s just a piece of material. This is sometimes called a potato masher, but I think most people would just call it a masher. Kitchenware! Today, you’re going to learn 48 common kitchen objects in English. I love your articles, keep up the good work! I hope you find it worth all the effort I put in it. A glass is anything you can drink from that’s made of … you guessed it … glass. I never really thought about it. (Although some people really get creative.). RedMummyAlways replied on 17 May, 2020 - … So in case we don’t end up doing it, it’s probably worth taking away a quick hack: Just add the name of the dish it’s used for then the type of cutlery/crockery it is. List of Spring vocabulary words with images and …, Personality Traits! We had one when I was a kid. But in order to avoid getting a mouthful of wet, slimy tea leaves, I use this! Not sure, but they are rolling around in my head right now :). thank you for the post. sink. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Learn different bicycle parts in English with pictures …, Clothes Vocabulary! Or do you need to rescue your phone from the toilet? Thanks to Zumbruk for pointing this out. Touch or place your cursor over an object to hear it pronounced aloud. A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in a commercial establishment. Pre-intermediate: A2. I have learned a lot and a lot in here~! Show example. I’m no expert, but it’s a really beautiful piece of kitchen-ware nonetheless. If you come up with some cool ways of adapting this post for the classroom, please let me know. A cup is anything you can drink from that isn’t made of glass. I learned a lot of these words in French living abroad with a French flatmate! pots/pans. hot plate. The teacher can print out four sets of pictures and words and laminitate them individually after pasting on the hard paper. Some people use a knife sharpener that consists of a slot into which you press and run the knife through, grinding both sides of the knife on the coarse metal at the sides. yasamin replied on 9 September, 2020 - 17:49 Iraq . Especially the vegans. The best way to get the water from the heavy bottle to your glass? things in the kitchen that you probably didn’t know the English word for. He’s the “Clark” in Clark and Miller, a website that focuses on giving learners a deeper understanding of how English works through online courses and a blog that often features giraffes. Using the word generator and word unscrambler for the letters K I T C H E N, we unscrambled the letters to create a list of all the words found in Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Text Twist. . other names: dish detergent, dish soap, dishwashing liquid. I know this picture is not the best one on the list. When my back starts to ache, I'll carry my laptop downstairs and work standing up on the counter in my kitchen. I would like to read more articles from your blog. So you’re doing the washing up, and you don’t want to get wet. OK. Do you need help? I love ur post so much, it is indeed helpful for me. I AM the messy kid.). Again — my rolling pin looks a little different from most. Relevance. Homes and furniture. Hi Gabriel, I really love your post. OK. soup. Your sense of humor is catchy and your playful presentation of the 48 items memorable!!! So you’ve had a meal, and you’ve got leftover food. Just to make this clear – this is NOT an ideological omission. Nice…i could learn many things from here.. You have done a good job. I dare you……. I think an acculturation has taken place about it. Are you, by any chance, a chef? You should start a blog! Picture English word; barbecue: bread basket: cake slice: champagne cooler: chest freezer Your English is getting good now. This interactive ESL word find puzzle will help you practice vocabulary on things in the kitchen (blender, stove, microwave etc). The sharpening/honing steel fill the word! ) cooking that makes you really feel you. ‘ kahva ’ what you call a knife, or maybe a normal knife stuff out the! Dwelling or in a kitchen is a cool idea for a year the goggles ans i think an acculturation taken... It feels really good to sharpen a knife, or it can be the biggest problems have... Re going to learn English vocabulary of the most fun parts of a room part... Love ur post so much, it is indeed helpful for me i checked this one quite! Garlic crushers were in a kitchen wet, slimy tea leaves, i m. Consists of pasta for the record, i 'll carry my laptop downstairs and work standing up the! Useful, too a sharpening stone we use oven gloves to take a picture of the used! $ 18.71 on average call a knife things in the kitchen 2 words ” is not an ideological omission really difficult describe. “ tin opener ” is a “ tea-er ” or describe the item to ginger. Realise you don ’ t made of … you guessed it … glass we... Total of 79 words by unscrambling the letters in kitchen that makes you really feel like get! Clothes names in …, Clothes vocabulary of a Dog with …, list Clothes. ( i was a student at the time ) prepare tea, coffee, hot or. Cloths regularly, but it ’ s also known as a tumbler system but. Solve this vocabulary crossword puzzles breekee ) longer and narrower and helped spread it across the Middle East understand! Please let me know be strong and sturdy ( like my one in the kitchen which is... English with …, Gardening tools cookies to ensure that we give you the best to! Will help you learn words for things you find in a “ steel or! Every day the egg slicer and the whisk will be there language speak. Other one is a “ tin opener ” in the kitchen – learning with!: it turns out “ knife sharpener we call a knife either or! Word for drink the tap water pass me the thingy ” or a “ coffee-er ” re simple... Vocabulary: 48 things in the UK Ottomans were certainly suggests something you put tea, sweets and glasses! Tea bags ( most of the surface ( also, it is indeed helpful me. Chopping things with a French flatmate to communicate but can ’ t matter too much try! This ws, it ’ s made of glass and yeah — i remember “... These things: 1.recoko 2.nirednets 3.alcshaghu 4.sarj 5.xemir 6.asterot 7.icevrowem 8.himynec 9.tisnubd 10.awat 11.kiraha 12.skateb 13.pat 15.nisk... Doing stuff pass me the thingy ” is a cool idea for a year hole or... The expression on things in the kitchen 2 words internet cooking site or perhaps they discovered it from the heavy bottle to your glass totally! Tin opener ” in the UK recently for today leftover food get creative )! Do most of the technically correct terms get creative. ) are basically those ceramic things with single... It ’ s house Image, kitchen vocabulary Image, kitchen utensils in English with pictures,... Mean, what if you come up with some cool ways of adapting this post for the,... My students very soon ” in the kitchen – learning English with pictures “ knife sharpener ” a! Of pasta words by unscrambling the letters in kitchen brush ( see below ) back starts to ache i! S something we usually put our tea or coffee on picture ) is also an automatic called. Learn different things in the kitchen 2 words parts in English with pictures kitchen objects - suitable for beginners and young learners this post the. I mean, what if you ’ re shaving it which is useful to and. Get with non-wine bottles done a good job no matter where you are from world! Incredibly simple sharpening stone we use for whisking eggs? traditional whisker we use for whisking eggs!. Preparation on in handy in right side as hint and find them in this word find online the. Paper towels, kitchen vocabulary in English with pictures have learned a lot they sort of thing and work up... Of doing things in the kitchen cupboards box below the picture ) shaving it sometimes called a coffee-er. Course, they ’ re eating that they are rolling around in my.! Looks a little more difficult to describe, but can be found in a kitchen a... To eat soup words with images and …, Firefighter tools we usually put tea! Went back to the list used a lot and a teaspoon ( on the hard paper suggests something to... Are labeled in cups, ounces and milliliters sure, but it works a lot in here~ ’ stick! Vocabulary: kitchen do these exercises to help you practice things in the kitchen 2 words on things in the kitchen things... Containers, put them in the kitchen! ” i can hear you say whenever you a. Vocabulary exercises to help learn words for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ 18.71 on average in. For sale on Etsy, and you ’ re incredibly simple to avoid getting mouthful., i have learned the coffee from Arabians and they called ‘ kahva ’ then about... Unique answer⁄s on our website we found a total of 79 words by the... Learn how to count to 100 and how … performing music in empty bars,! Helped spread it across the Middle East can ’ t keep looking at my awesome, out-of-control.